Please reach out if you are interested in teaching displaced children, including those in refugee camps and evacuated orphanages, via online classes. We are also looking for volunteers willing to help spread information about our classes to displaced families, share our work across social networks and in the media, help with organizational and technical issues, and support fundraising. At the moment, all volunteers work for free. Over time, we hope to raise enough funds to offer financial compensation.

We are looking for people who could help to:

  • Teach online for displaced children in Ukraine, in refugee camps and in host countries
  • Teach online for orphanages
  • Provide technical support
  • Provide support to parents
  • Provide advice and help with fundraising
  • Donate equipment and educational materials to orphanages
  • Share information in media, magazines, blogs and podcasts, Youtube, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks
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