Explorations Beyond The Textbook

Our initiative exposes students to interdisciplinary topics extending beyond the school curriculum, introducing them to deep scientific and philosophical concepts, and the complexity and beauty of the world.

Our past and current classes

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Modern society requires analytical and systems thinking skills, willingness to learn quickly, and effective teamwork. Our person-centered approach helps the children realize their interests and priorities, develop agency, and discover their potential. Our high-quality interdisciplinary classes, led by creative educators, help children reflect on the complexity of the world and gain confidence in their abilities. The children will acquire the knowledge, professional network, and thinking skills that will help them successfully integrate into their new life, furthering their professional and personal development. Learning in a supportive and interactive online environment allows students to find like-minded peers and form lasting intellectual friendships.

Our classes are open to children in refugee camps and other children displaced by war. Courses for elementary school students (8-10 yrs old) include topics like an introduction to scientific thinking, familiarization with the solar system, foundational content in biology and physical sciences, computer-assisted lab instruction, mathematics, and English language courses. Older students are introduced to the philosophy and history of science, concepts of evolution in physical and biological sciences, STEM ethics, planetary science, environmental sciences, paleontology, and astronomy. They are also introduced to cognitive sciences and AI topics and get an opportunity to improve their mathematical, coding, and systems thinking skills. 

If you are a refugee camp representative and would like to request classes for children in your location, please reach out to us via Contact Us form.

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