Daily conversations with scientists

🔭 We continue our free daily conversations with scientists for school students. Among our guests are biologists, mathematicians, astrophysicists, and other science experts from around the globe. It is a great chance to get your science questions answered, or just to have an interesting conversation!

Over 150 conversations have already taken place!

🕘 Every day at 21:00 Kyiv time

🗣️Language: Russian

🎯You can sign up via these links:

Monday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4744

Tuesday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4746

Wednesday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4747

Thursday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4748

Friday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4749

Saturday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4750

Sunday: https://booking.earthlingshub.com/class/4751

🎡 You can check out the topics of our previous conversations here: https://t.me/EarthlingsAsk

Earthlings Hub is a US-based non-profit initiative that provides inquiry-based education to refugees and war-affected children. It is led by a dedicated team of scientists, educators, and psychologists.

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